Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Spice up your life with Chili Lab Spices!

In the Fall of 2013, Thomas Kelly, a Brooklyn-based entrepreneur, created The Chili Lab. The need was noted by a frustration in the available products on the market that actually made foods taste better.  
The Chili Lab blends 9 different flavors of chili salts that include the piri piri chili from Africa, which is herbal and marked with citrus, the guajillo chili from Mexico are deep and earthy and feature a smoke and tomato flavor with medium heat. The Chili Lab uses the very best sea salt and chili peppers from around the world. You can start with the Essential Chili Salt Collection which consists of Chipotle, Pequin and Piri Piri or the Winter Chili Salt Collection which includes the Cascabel, Chipotle and Pasilla.  The folks at the Chili Lab are not content to leave well enough alone - they keep developing more and more flavor mixes to satisfy each individual taste pallet!
Start by using the Chili Lab salts as a minimalist rub and go wild from there.  As they wake up your taste buds the combinations are limitless!  I found that mixing them into salads adds amazing depth too as well as adding them to the water while boiling my potatoes and pastas. The possibilities with veggies are endless.
Go beyond the heat and give The Chili Lab Spices a try - you won't be sorry.  You can find the Chili Lab Spices on FacebookTwitter, and their website HERE.
Disclosure:  I received products to facilitate my review and form my opinion, however my opinion remains my own.  
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