Monday, September 15, 2014

Beat Your Impossible!!

In my youth, I was an athlete. I played volleyball in high school and college and played basketball in high school. After actively serving in the Army for three years, I was in the best shape of my life! As life goes, so went my body:  I had a hip replacement in my 40's, followed immediately by stage 3B breast cancer, followed by a spiral fracture in my leg (due in part to the effects of chemotherapy).

We all set lofty goals for ourselves: a novice runner wants to compete in the Boston Marathon, or someone who just started working out signs up for an intense spin class! Other times, goals are as simple as running an extra block, or taking the stairs at work rather than the elevator. Goals, both big and small, are all within our reach - we just have to want them bad enough.  Doing that extra block or two can work up your stamina so that the Boston Marathon is within your reach.

Needless to say, my first goal was simple survival!  Once I accomplished that, I was left with a body that was not only ravaged, but terribly out of shape. I needed to motivate myself again and music was the answer. Music can motivate you to do more, go further, workout longer and try harder. I find that working out with music is the only way to go and finding Jabra has helped me conquer my goals!

My 10 favorite workout songs (in no particular order) are:
  • All I Do Is Win -- DJ Khaled
  • Hey Ya! -- Outkast
  • Happy -- Pharrell Williams
  • Walk This Way -- Run DMC, Aerosmith
  • Stronger -- Kanye West
  • 'Till I Collapse -- Eminem
  • Can't Hold Us -- Macklemore, Ryan Lewis
  • Pompeii -- Bastille
  • Counting Stars -- OneRepublic
  • Empire State of Mind - Jay Z, Alicia Keys
Jabra has an extreme dedication to providing you with superior sound and technology, which helps you reach your inner potential. Their line of products, including their newly-launched Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds, make those tangled wires a thing of the past!  This amazing piece of technology actually monitors your heart rate so that you can maximize your training to your highest potential. The biometric in-ear heart rate monitor helps to ensure that you are training in the correct zone. You even get personalized audio coaching that provides you with feedback on your workout!

Back in the day, you would need a pair of headphones, your phone and a heart rate chest strap.  The Jabra Sport Pulse is an all-in-one training solution.  You can listen to music, send your heart rate data to the Jabra Sport Life app and get workout readings.  You simply put your phone in your pocket, turn on your headset and you're ready for optimal burn!  

The Jabra Sport Life app comes free with your Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless purchase.  Sport Life is a specialized training partner that lets you choose from many pre-designed workouts or create your own. It includes a variety of fitness tests that help you determine where you are and where you want to be. This is a premium app that determines your fitness level and intelligently knows your key heart rate zone.  You will also get 4 sets of earwings and 4 sets of ear gels to ensure that the Jabra Sport Pulse holds securely in your ears to deliver high quality sound and erase the worry of slippage.  You will also get a carry pouch.

Jabra Sport Pulse will be released in stores in late September, but it is available now for preorder HERE and it will be ready to ship on September 19. Priced at $199, this piece of technological advancement is a bargain - especially considering that a heart rate strap, earbuds and even a personal trainer would cost upwards of $400! You can follow Jabra on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

How have you #BeatYourImpossible? Leave a comment and tell me how you've done it, or are going to do it! 

Disclosure:  I was provided product or compensation for this post, however my opinions remain my own.

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  1. Good pump up tunes make all the difference. This product sounds really good.

  2. I agree music is motivating just to get you energized to do housework, walk faster on a walk, etc. These are great songs you've picked out. I walk, but don't really "work out." I am thin, but need to be in shape and have put that off just because I'm not overweight. I know that is not good either. Totally NOT answering your questions, but may-be some good motivating music would get me going!

  3. Hi, i'm 40ish and out of shape, the last 4yrs hasn't been very good to me at all. I was at one time (30yrs old) in peak condition, i could do a mile a minute by bike and keep that pace for 20-30 minutes no problem. And that was only one part of my daily regime. Pretty bad huh to fall from that to where i am now. I DO want to be healthy again, but right now its easy to say "no, not right now".

  4. Love your story and it makes me laugh that the first song on your list is All I Do Is Win! HAHA


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